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Liability Waiver

The following are dangers of being “in the country”, by signing below you agree that you understand these risks and that you will convey them to those in your party or ask the Retreat staff to do so.  If you do not understand them, please let us know so that we can better communicate these risks.   

This is not an exhaustive list of hazards; you must exercise reasonable common sense both inside and outside of the accommodations. By keeping safe you will enjoy your stay all the more.

Common Risks:

  • Dirt Road - this is actually a public road and there is no expectation that local law enforcement will be available to control speed or actions of drivers on it.  There are no defined lanes or shoulders.  If you choose to walk on or near the road, do so knowing that vehicles and possibly animals will be present.

  • Fences - most of these are made from barbed wire, they are sharp and rusty.  Seek first aid if you cut your skin and come in contact with dirt, rust or other contaminants.  Do not climb or jump fences, they are not stable.

  • Getting Lost - please stay on designated areas or trails.  If you find that you are lost, keep walking until you find a fence, then follow that fence around until you get back to a point that looks familiar or reach a road.  Never jump the fence or go through a gate, when lost.  Stay on the fence line, you will eventually find a road or be able to see the Retreat.

  • Animals - do not touch or harass any animal, no matter what species.  Rabbits and racoons are cute but they can be carriers of rabies and bite and scratch.   If you see agitated deer (stomping or snorting), pigs, or coyotes, just walk back the direction you came. Generally, they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them. Please give them a wide margin. 

  • Snakes and scorpions are hard to see and common. Not all snakes are poisonous and many provide value to the ecosystem by eating small rodents. Do not kill the snake but report them if in or around your cabin. Scorpions are treated regularly with pest control so most of the time, the ones you see will be dead. If they are alive, scorpions should be killed.

  • Livestock - if you wish to feed the livestock, please ask your host for a personal experience and do not engage these animals by yourself.   This also applies to reaching through the fence to touch or pet them, they may bite or catch your arm between them and the fence/gate.

  • Plants - cactus, devils hat band, mesquite thorns and sand spurs (stickers) are present and can hurt when they pierce your skin.  Seek first aid if you get stuck by these.   Poison ivy and oak are also present, be aware and do not touch these plants.

  • Tanks - these are water drain areas for the use of livestock and wild animals to drink and cool themselves. Some have fish but they are not for swimming or wading.   We do not police the tanks or clean debris from them.  Turtles, nutria and other animals may be in the water and can be dangerous.

  • Walking Surface - there are few level surfaces out in the country, be mindful and watch where you step.  Little divots from burrowing animals, etc can lead to twisted ankles and falls.  

  • Caves and carve outs - please stay out of any well (marked), cave or large burrows, these are usually created by animals as part of their habitat and they are likely in them.

  • Electric Equipment - we have a few breaker boxes and equipment controls that are needed to allow the flow of water, etc.  Do not open these.

  • Septic drain field - keep children and pets away from the septic drain fields, they will be marked with stakes.

  • Ranch Equipment - some ranch equipment is stored outside and are not stable, as well as, contain sharp edges and spring activated parts.  These are heavy and unforgiving, look at them but do not touch.

  • Utility Vehicle -this vehicle is made available for your enjoyment on the property but it is not made for four wheeling or other off-road activity.  Its purpose is to pull, carry and get people from one place to another. Please stay on the roads.  

  • Signage - there are signs and fences around areas that mark areas off limits to visitors.   You will see, “no trespassing” signs, do not go past them.   There are also signs for “shooting range”, do not go past those.

  • Shooting Range - the shooting range is limited to one gun at a time.   Use of the range will be done at the discretion of and under the direction of  your host.

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