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Phoenix Nest



Your hosts are Richard and Cheryl Kepp. Cheryl is the fifth generation to live on the ranch with four of the generations having lived in the rock house. Please visit the History tab to read more about the Kassell Ranch and ancestors. Getting away to the Phoenix Nest is very special for them.


Until 2022 Richard and Cheryl lived in the Houston area. They will tell you that it is easy to get used to the racket and the rat race.  It's only when you are away from it do you notice the peace and the stillness.  They rejoice at the fact that Richard is able to maintain his "city" job remotely from the Phoenix Nest. 

The Retreat at Phoenix Nest is God driven. Richard and Cheryl along with their pastor and friend, Jervie Windom are trying to follow God's will for the Phoenix Nest by setting it up not as a typical guest house but a place for clergy to experience stillness and peace. Jervie is working with multiple sources to try to fund at least part of the vacations for the pastors. 

The Phoenix Nest is far away from the hustle and bustle that most of us call life.  At the Phoenix Nest we revel in the nearness and goodness of God. Join us at the Phoenix Nest, A Spiritual Retreat.

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